Page 29 Steps:

This picture was a bit tricky.  Mostly because I knew exactly what I wanted but I couldn’t describe it, and Colacitti wasn’t quite sure what I wanted but he could draw it.

First I described the property and gave him some quick ideas on what I wanted the house to look like.  Then he sent me a pencil drawing.  I penciled in a tree myself because his wasn’t quite big enough.  I then inked it as best I could.  While inking I had to be careful because this same exact picture will be used twice more, each detailing a different time of year.

Because this baseline picture couldn’t contain anything that hints at the time of year, I had to ink the leaves separately and place them on a different layer.  I then had to be flexible enough to be able to copy and paste these inkings several times in several places from several different angles throughout the page.

Once all that was done, it was pretty easy to add the rest of the cross-hatchings and tones. 
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